Saturday, April 24, 2010

Fretting about things... :-)

Fret slots cut. Using my new setup is really slick.

Frets installed but not yet trimmed. I had to use super glue as the slots are just a hair wider than previously. Also the fret wire came curved and my fretboard is flat so the wire wanted to pop up in the middle.

All trimmed up. I clip, file, and then sand to get the fret ends smooth and soft to the touch.

A new trick I learned if you look close. I put a couple staples in the neck and then clipped them off very short. The sharp nubs hold the fretboard in place while gluing so it doesn't squirm all over when clamping up.

Here you can see the corresponding holes in the bottom of the fretboard. I just located the fretboard and pressed it into place (ok, I had to use a clamp to drive the nubs in, that rosewood is HARD).

All clamped up and it didn't move a bit, this is slick! Thanks to Kathy Matsushita's blog for this trick.

Lookin' good! The glue cleanup was easier with this method too. Time for some final sanding and I'll be ready to spray a finish.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

1 step forward!

I'm finally back into the garage today and after some cleanup I was able to build a jig for fret slotting. Then I was able to slot a fretboard in just a couple minutes and it's perfect.
Building patterns for different scale lengths should also only take 5-10 minutes.
This is amazing. Next step will be to taper the fretboard and then put in the frets.
Before you know it I'll get this tenor finished up, it's been a long haul.