Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Wed the 27th recap and plans for next time...

A nice, cool, dry evening down at Como. Nicest I've seen down there this summer.

I had a nice little old lady shuffle up close and ask if it was ok to listen while I played. I told her fine, I don't normally play from memory but I'd try. So I played Blue Skies, got through 2 verses and most of the bridge when I heard her say to her grandson "this is my favorite part." As I transitioned to the last verse he sounded surprised when he asked "you know this song?" and she nodded and said "yes." When I finished she thanked me and said it was so wonderful that I would play the uke down there. Then she shuffled back to the rest of her family and kept listening and smiling. It was fun, I wish I played more songs from memory, but I'm working on it!

I probably won't make it down to Como next week due to the 4th (although I might be free on Friday the 6th if anyone else is interested in meeting up to play.)

Otherwise I'm going to plan for now on being down there on Wed the 11th unless something unknown comes up. Come on down and let's play uke!

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Wed the 20th

A gorgeous evening at Como! Rain elsewhere in the Twin Cities but not at Como. I did get a rainbow, ironically just as I was playing Somewhere Over the Rainbow.

I could hear the concert, lots of patriotic tunes, and got to playing a few myself. Almost ran out of frets trying to pick out the melody on one of them, it was right up to the 12th. (I wasn't actually playing the song, just trying to pick out the melody.)
I've been practicing You're A Grand Old Flag and the national anthem, maybe I'll try to gather a few more for next week in prep for the 4th of July. Anyone got a favorite figured out and want to share it?

If you feel like coming out on the 27th I hope to be down there again, it would be more fun with some company...

Hope you're all StrumMn through your summer...

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Wed the 13th

Another nice evening at Como last night. Mary joined me and we tried a few songs she had brought along and I showed her some I was working on and gave her a copy of the Bye Bye Blues I've been doctoring as more of a chord solo.

I should have Wednesday the 20th open too so I expect to be down there again barring any other big obstacles. I'll post here and email everyone on my list only if I can't make it. It's a fun place to hang out and play, stop on by if you get a chance. But keep your eye's open for us, this week we were at a picnic table by the waterfall, last week mostly upstairs in the cafeteria seating, the week before on the promenade. It's all within about 100 feet so it's easy to find.

Keep StrumMn!

Friday, June 08, 2007

Wednesdays at Como

Well, I got in a few hours of practice at Como last Wednesday and had a good time. It was a little chilly at first so I went upstairs in the Cafe and had it to myself. It actually warmed up by about 7pm and I spent the last hour outside by the waterfall playing the uke while people watching.

I'll be out there again on Wednesday the 13th if anyone cares to join me, 6-8pm for sure and maybe an hour on either end depending on how the weather is looking and if anyone else shows up. The Fridley City Band is playing a concert on the promenade at 7pm in case anyone is interested. Part of my family may come down with me this week and they'll either go to the concert or up to the zoo and the conservatory rather than watch me play.

I started on another new song, Only You by the Platters (I remember Ringo Starr doing it on his Goodnight Vienna album...) and while I only have the lyrics and chords now I'm working on getting the melody too. I'll have a couple copies along to share if anyone shows.

Keep StrumMn everyone!

Friday, June 01, 2007

Como update

I think the Como pavillion will turn out to be a great place to meet over the summer. I spent a few hours playing down there on Wednesday and it was really nice. I was under the big roof and even when the thunderstorm blew through I was easily able to stay out of the wet.

The chorale group doing the evening concert started practicing about 6pm but I just stayed off to the side and continued playing. At one point the guitar accompianist walked over and tried out my uke and we talked a bit.

The cafe was virtually empty and I learned they have a second level of seating I didn't know about, plenty of space for a small group of us to sit and play if we wanted to be indoors instead of out. I played quietly in there for a while as well and got a nice piece of carrot cake.

Wednesdays work best for me and I hope to get down there more often than our once a month meetings. Hopefully I'll see a few of you there as well.

Keep in touch and let's keep StrumMn together through the summer.