Friday, September 26, 2008

Follow-up to Sept 21 uke playing session

Hi everyone,

Once again we had 6 people show up, incuding 2 more 1st timers... welcome guys!
Lots of uke talk, playing through songs and discussion with Paul about his Peace Corps assignment to Samoa. We all wish him the best!

Of course, we met on Sunday and on Monday I got a call that the new StrumMn shirts are all done and ready to be picked up. No hurry now so I don't have them yet, maybe this weekend.
If anyone is in a hurry to get theirs (assuming you asked for one) maybe we can work something out. I drive from Lino Lakes to Eden Prairie every day and there is a lot in between there where I could meet or drop one off. Otherwise I'll have them at the October get together which will be... well, sometime in October. Either the 19th or 26th... any preference? Speak up now and I'll set the date soon.

If you have links to music for us to try just leave a comment. David has been coming up with some winners lately... got any more?

Keep StrumMn!

Friday, September 12, 2008

Next StrumMn meeting - Sunday Sept 21st

Hi everyone, hope you're all out there strumming your ukes.

I typed this up and then deleted it once already when my plans were up in the air, hopefully this plan will work for most of you even though it's short notice.

Big news! Paul was accepted for the Peace Corps and will be gone for 2 years... I'm hoping he can make the meeting... I'm willing to push it out one more week if it means he can be there. Paul?

I'm half way through 2 weeks of on-call work which will really stress me out so I'm planning our next meeting for after I'm done with that. I called down to Como to check evening hours and to my dismay they are only open until 7pm now. That means I'm switching us from our summer evening meetings to the Sunday afternoon winter schedule.

Sunday Sept 21st, 2-5pm, inside the Black Bear Crossing Cafe in the Pavillion at Como Park.

Now, what do you want to play? Attach a comment to this post with suggestions and links if you can.

I haven't been able to contact my t-shirt person yet, I lost my invoice and need to find contact info again, but will still try to get more info for those of you who expressed interest.

Keep on StrumMn!