Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Last meeting before the summer? Sunday June 1

The month of May has just been too busy for me but I'd like to get in one more group meeting if possible before everyone gets into summer schedules. I haven't checked with the boss here at home yet but I'm thinking Sunday June 1st down at Como again will work. If it warms up we can even meet outside if we'd like or under the pavillion roof. Heck, maybe the stage will be available and we can have some impromptu fun.

So, Sunday June 1st, 2-5pm, Como Pavillion (Black Bear Crossing Cafe) on Lexington Ave in St Paul

Anyone want to meet during the summer? At Como or some other park or cafe around town?

I'm going to start working on "summer" songs soon, maybe try Stars & Stripes or other patriotic stuff for the 4th of July. I worked on some of that stuff last year and it wasn't pretty, hopefully I've improved!

Hope to see some of you there on the 1st, if not I hope you all have a good summer of StrumMn.


Jake followup

Sorry for not blogging sooner but life is busy as you all know.
Jake was a lot of fun but the concert was too short, just over an hour long.
He'll be in the Twin Cities again March 10-11, 2009 at the Ordway in St Paul.

We picked up a couple of his CD's and had them autographed. I also had him sign my Applause ukulele, I'll try to add a picture later.