Saturday, July 22, 2006

A couple new links, comments, instruction methods, planning notes, etc.

Hi all,
I added new links that were requested or mentioned at the last meeting.
These are to pictures of the blue uke I built summer of 2005 and to the plans I used to build it.

I also added links to the UkeCat uke method and Chord Magic uke method. These are from web sites someone else built and I can't take credit for them. But the websites they come from have you going link to link, page to page, which I felt was a pain. I grabbed all the pages for each method and put them each into a word doc file which makes them easy to print. I like both of these and think they compare favorably to the Calvin Chin uke method book. If you're looking to move off 1st position chords then I think these are both worth a look.

I don't know if anyone is reading the comments on the previous blog but if so then you know we had a light turnout on July 16. A new StrumMn attendee, Tom, who is still learning some basic chords but who seems to have a good grasp on chord theory and the fretboard, left me amazed as he picked a harmony accompaniment to Daves strumming and singing, right off the cuff. I'll have to ask him to slow down and show me how he does it sometime in the future, it might make a good lesson for all of us this fall (hint, hint) !

Dave thought that with the summer and a light turnout in June and July we should see about planning a big September kick-off meeting; refreshments, flyers in stores, a real agenda we stick to, etc. We thought maybe we could do a uke "show and tell" of sorts and a round-robin either playing for the group or introducing us to the song of your choice which everyone can join in playing.
Help give us some ideas and lets all have some fun together in September!

Until then, just keep StrumMn!