Friday, June 08, 2007

Wednesdays at Como

Well, I got in a few hours of practice at Como last Wednesday and had a good time. It was a little chilly at first so I went upstairs in the Cafe and had it to myself. It actually warmed up by about 7pm and I spent the last hour outside by the waterfall playing the uke while people watching.

I'll be out there again on Wednesday the 13th if anyone cares to join me, 6-8pm for sure and maybe an hour on either end depending on how the weather is looking and if anyone else shows up. The Fridley City Band is playing a concert on the promenade at 7pm in case anyone is interested. Part of my family may come down with me this week and they'll either go to the concert or up to the zoo and the conservatory rather than watch me play.

I started on another new song, Only You by the Platters (I remember Ringo Starr doing it on his Goodnight Vienna album...) and while I only have the lyrics and chords now I'm working on getting the melody too. I'll have a couple copies along to share if anyone shows.

Keep StrumMn everyone!

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