Friday, June 01, 2007

Como update

I think the Como pavillion will turn out to be a great place to meet over the summer. I spent a few hours playing down there on Wednesday and it was really nice. I was under the big roof and even when the thunderstorm blew through I was easily able to stay out of the wet.

The chorale group doing the evening concert started practicing about 6pm but I just stayed off to the side and continued playing. At one point the guitar accompianist walked over and tried out my uke and we talked a bit.

The cafe was virtually empty and I learned they have a second level of seating I didn't know about, plenty of space for a small group of us to sit and play if we wanted to be indoors instead of out. I played quietly in there for a while as well and got a nice piece of carrot cake.

Wednesdays work best for me and I hope to get down there more often than our once a month meetings. Hopefully I'll see a few of you there as well.

Keep in touch and let's keep StrumMn together through the summer.


DavidR said...

Carrot Cake! Now I have to make it down there- I love carrot cake! Having fun with both versions of Bye Bye Blues. David R

Brian said...

I'll be at Como again this Wednesday, June 6th, from 5-8 or so. I'll have a couple copies of new songs I'm practicing in case they interest anyone. Otherwise I'm mostly playing from the Jumpin' Jim books and will bring them along in case anyone is interested in seeing what's available.
Stop by the Pavillion if you can, I'll probably be the only one there playing a uke...