Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Wed the 27th recap and plans for next time...

A nice, cool, dry evening down at Como. Nicest I've seen down there this summer.

I had a nice little old lady shuffle up close and ask if it was ok to listen while I played. I told her fine, I don't normally play from memory but I'd try. So I played Blue Skies, got through 2 verses and most of the bridge when I heard her say to her grandson "this is my favorite part." As I transitioned to the last verse he sounded surprised when he asked "you know this song?" and she nodded and said "yes." When I finished she thanked me and said it was so wonderful that I would play the uke down there. Then she shuffled back to the rest of her family and kept listening and smiling. It was fun, I wish I played more songs from memory, but I'm working on it!

I probably won't make it down to Como next week due to the 4th (although I might be free on Friday the 6th if anyone else is interested in meeting up to play.)

Otherwise I'm going to plan for now on being down there on Wed the 11th unless something unknown comes up. Come on down and let's play uke!


tanders5 said...

so Brian,
did you sing Blue Skys for the little old lady? are you getting braver?? (or, if you playing melody on the uke, i want the sheet music!)

it sounds so nice at Como, i'm really going to try to leave work earlier and join you one of these wednesdays.

thanks for all you do keeping this website and some uke community together...

Anonymous said...

No, I didn't sing it. I play the melody, it's in the Irving Berlin book but written for D tuning. It's a relatively easy one to play in C tuning though and I can show you how sometime.
I might have passed it out, I'll see if I have copies.
In any case, the book is still available for $6.95 from Elderly and is worth it.