Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Wed the 20th

A gorgeous evening at Como! Rain elsewhere in the Twin Cities but not at Como. I did get a rainbow, ironically just as I was playing Somewhere Over the Rainbow.

I could hear the concert, lots of patriotic tunes, and got to playing a few myself. Almost ran out of frets trying to pick out the melody on one of them, it was right up to the 12th. (I wasn't actually playing the song, just trying to pick out the melody.)
I've been practicing You're A Grand Old Flag and the national anthem, maybe I'll try to gather a few more for next week in prep for the 4th of July. Anyone got a favorite figured out and want to share it?

If you feel like coming out on the 27th I hope to be down there again, it would be more fun with some company...

Hope you're all StrumMn through your summer...

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