Sunday, August 09, 2009

Aug meeting

Don't forget the meeting at Como on Monday night Aug 10th, 7-9pm.

See the nexo site for info on the pool party at Sue's on Sat Aug 15th.

Sharp tools make for easy woodworking... but can be tough on fretting fingers!
Nothing serious but took a nick out of my left index finger tonight with a sharp chisel. We'll see if it affects my playing.

And I ended up getting some spanish cedar for my uke necks... I wonder how I can tell if it's really "spanish" cedar vs some other variety? I may have to do some research on that one.


Lanark said...

Dang. Can't make it tonight. We got back from the North Shore yesterday and are still trying to get our house in order.
I will recommend superglue for your nick. Always worked great for me when I'd cut a finger and have to play a rock and roll show on guitar.

Brian said...

Dang, good tip, why didn't I think of that? I've got a big bottle of super glue a couple feet from the chisel for doing rosettes and such.

We had a half dozen tonight, and a walk on vocalist at the end who wanted to sing along on a few songs. The band on the lake-side was the Minnesota Mandolin Orchestra and we couldn't even hear them so no big-band distractions for once.

Anonymous said...

So anyone is welcome?
I just picked up my uke last week and I can't put down.

Brian said...

Yup, anyone is welcome. Come on and join us next time we meet.