Friday, July 03, 2009

2 items

1) Anyone want to meet at como monday evening the 13th?

2) I've got 2 new ukes under construction, pictures to come later.

Soprano; Satinwood back/sides, Old Growth Redwood top, undecided neck (mahogany or spanish cedar? I have mahogany on hand, but...)

Tenor; Curly Cherry body, Western Red Cedar top, same neck dilemma on this one.

Tops and backs have been bookmatched, jointed, glued, and thickness sanded. Still need to build the mold for the tenor but the pattern is ready to go and I have mdf on hand for it.



GX9901 said...

For the necks of your ukes, I'd vote for doing at least one in Spanish Cedar. It's less commonly used in ukes (more exclusivity), has a distinctive spicy smell (I guess that could be a plus or a minus, depending on how you like the smell. I happen to like it), and I believe it has better strength-to-weight ratio than mahogany. I guess if you don't build in the Spanish method, much of the spanish cedar smell will be sealed off, so that's probably not much of a consideration.

Anyway, sounds like you've got a couple of cool ukes in the works. Must be fun!

Anonymous said...

My Josephine has Spanish Cedar- Kevin Crossett said thats what Martin used to use a lot. It sure does make it light.- Ukester Brown

Brian said...

Ok, I've got some spanish cedar on the way now, I'll see how it looks once in my hands and decide how to proceed. Will let you know once it's here.

Mickie said...

Brian - I just posted a new topic over on the Nexo site. Are we still on for the August 10th StrumMN gathering tomorrow night?

Bruce and I plan to show up around 6:30 pm if others plan to attend.