Saturday, August 22, 2009

Build pics

Ok, here are some build pics as promised. I've been working on these over the last month or so.
This first picture is the plans I made for my tenor. I used basic measurements but made the curves to my taste using visio. When printed to scale it used 4 sheets of paper.

Here is my wood for the tenor. It's curly cherry and western red cedar.

Here is the wood I picked for the soprano. It's satinwood and old growth redwood.

Here I've glued up mdf for the tenor mold and getting it cut out.

Here is the next step, building the side bending mold for the tenor using the inside bits of the mold.

Here I'm gluing in the braces. I've got it sitting in my 8ft radius dish to put a nice curve on the back.

Here is the neck glued up from spanish cedar, ready for some carving.

I also bent the sides for the soprano and scarfed/glued up a few neck blanks while I was at it. Ok, so I made a mistake on once of them and needed to do another tenor size... but the mistake can be used for another soprano or concert.

Here is the tenor back and sides all glued up, just waiting for a top and neck.

And it's tough to tell in this shot but the side of the neck closest is pretty well rough shaped here.

I just keep poking away it when I get the chance, I hope I can finish it before Milwaukee at the end of September!

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