Thursday, June 29, 2006

StrumMn, play or take a break this summer?

Please leave comments here or email me, thanks! Brian


Anonymous said...

I've got a few private emails from people who expect to make it on the 16th so we're on. Show up if you can and we'll do some strummn with whoever is there.
For those who haven't come before, we're real informal and you don't need to be there the whole 3 hours. Come and go as you please, but please come!

Dave C said...

I tried to make it but couldn't. I'd like to get with other Uke players sometime, so the idea of getting together in the park or a coffee shop sounds like a good time. In this heat, I'd go for the coffee shop.

Anonymous said...

Well after another light turnout at the July 16th meeting I think we'll stay low key for August as well. I'm hoping its just a busy summer and the heat this weekend that kept people away. Tom may try to set up an August meeting so don't be surprised if you hear from someone other than me.
David suggested we try to plan a big fall kick-off meeting for mid September and I agree. Maybe we'll try for a Saturday instead of a Sunday and see if it helps too. Dave thought more of a plan or agenda might help, we'll run it by everyone in email I think once we get it layed out. We can try to get flyers out to stores that carry ukes and maybe do refreshments or something, kind of a welcome wagon meeting to bring in more ukers. We're open to suggestions so don't be shy!
Other ideas were a kind of "show and tell" of different ukes everyone brings and some kind of round robin opportunity to share songs everyone is working on. Definitely some play-along time as well as some get aquainted and talk time too. Add your ideas here or drop me an email and I'll get them posted.