Sunday, May 17, 2009


Two projects in the works. I've got another harp frame in clamps now being glued up, the top and bottom have been jointed and thickness sanded.

Then there is this Airline ukulele. It belongs to a co-worker and needs some TLC. The top and back have some seam separation and will get reglued but it was also missing the saddle/bridge. I've built one from scratch and glued it on, here are some pictures.

First I scraped off the old glue.

Here is the new bridge.

Here it's just sitting in place.

Taped off and ready to glue.

In the clamp.

The clamp is off now and I added some Danish oil finish before removing the tape.
Now I need to glue the body separation.
You may have noticed the fretboard, we're not going to mess with it for now.

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