Friday, September 12, 2008

Next StrumMn meeting - Sunday Sept 21st

Hi everyone, hope you're all out there strumming your ukes.

I typed this up and then deleted it once already when my plans were up in the air, hopefully this plan will work for most of you even though it's short notice.

Big news! Paul was accepted for the Peace Corps and will be gone for 2 years... I'm hoping he can make the meeting... I'm willing to push it out one more week if it means he can be there. Paul?

I'm half way through 2 weeks of on-call work which will really stress me out so I'm planning our next meeting for after I'm done with that. I called down to Como to check evening hours and to my dismay they are only open until 7pm now. That means I'm switching us from our summer evening meetings to the Sunday afternoon winter schedule.

Sunday Sept 21st, 2-5pm, inside the Black Bear Crossing Cafe in the Pavillion at Como Park.

Now, what do you want to play? Attach a comment to this post with suggestions and links if you can.

I haven't been able to contact my t-shirt person yet, I lost my invoice and need to find contact info again, but will still try to get more info for those of you who expressed interest.

Keep on StrumMn!


Brian said...

Music for Sept. I've got a few things I can bring, not sure if I can get links to them in time anyway. I'd like to try Dream a Little Dream again. The version Susan handed out last time is the same version I provided once before and is available from this link for educational purposes only.
In case that gets cut off, the link is in my March 2008 blog about playing old music.

I also picked up a dozen old pieces of sheet music off Ebay recently and have scanned White Christmas, including the verse which no one seems to know. We normally all just sing the chorus!
I'll bring a few copies, show up if you want one.

Another song in the pile is "One Song" from Disney's SnowWhite. I'm trying to learn it as a chord solo but would love to share it and see what you all think about it.

I've also been messing around with "chord tones", something we learned about at the Windy City Uke Fest. I've got a great song that is perfect for messing around and ALL of you can do this, it's easy! Dang, I downloaded it from somewhere and now can't find it... I'll add more later when I do or just bring copies.

Brian said...

StrumMn shirts -

I'm getting these through my daughters-friends-mother who does custom embroiderey for a living.
I didn't get to talk to her but sent instructions along with my daughter today when she went to visit.

I may have a couple extra too, we'll see.

David, I went ahead blindly with the sweatshirt order too (and one for me) and I'm prepared to eat the cost if it's not what you want.

I'll post an update if I get more info, maybe even later today if she calls me to verify the order.

Anonymous said...

This is a link to the original "To-night you belong to me". It is in the National Library of Australia. It has the Uke chords-play it the way the chord picture looks in the key of C. (The picture is a C but the name is an Eb) I will bring an easy sheet for everyone. Note that it is in 3/4 not the 4/4 we are used to and the melody is slightly different. I will be able to teach the melody to you in the key of C.

Ukester Brown

Anonymous said...

I will be there. I haven't been playing much. But I will be there. Will get back to you on songs. Paul

Nathan Melcher said...

Bummer, I can't make it, but have fun. I'll make it when I can, of course.