Monday, August 18, 2008

Monday followup

Another nice turnout on a beautiful evening. There were 6 of us out playing uke in the park tonight. We ran through an assortment of music and it was nice that everyone brought some to share.

Sara, it was nice that you could join us for the first time and I hope you come back again. By the way, that B chord on the baritone came to me on the way home. It's what the rest of us call the dreaded E chord with a 4442 shape. (I just needed to visualize my accordian buttons to come up with it.) Check out the Sheep Entertainment chord finder, the link is off to the right and here it is too.

Our next meeting will be mid September and I think we'll move inside the cafe since we ran out of light by about 8:30 tonight. Pick some music for next time and watch this space for the next date.

Oh yeah, StrumMn t-shirts should be $15, there may be a slight extra charge for larger sizes. Let me know if you want one and I'll wait a bit before placing the order and try to deliver at the next meeting if possible.

Until then, keep StrumMn!


Anonymous said...

Hey Brian, could you find out how much XL sweatshirts would be? And will the design be "ukulele players" like you mentioned? Thanks, Ukester

Brian said...

David sent me this link to another version of "Dream a Little Dream" which we played on Monday.

Brian said...

Rats, I'll try this again...

the last part is:
in case it gets cut off again.

Anonymous said...

Brian, I would like a shirt, XXL,
I won't be able to come in Sept.
So let me know how much and I will send you the money. I should be able to come in Oct. I hope.

Gary E.

Anonymous said...

Hello all, I was accepted to the Peace Corps and am leaving for Samoa Oct. 6th. I've been searching ukes / Samoa -things are looking good. Hope we can meet again before I head out of country on the Peace Corps 27 month assignment. Paul

Anonymous said...

Brian, I'd be interested in tshirt - large. Not sure if I'll make the Sept meeting - I probably will make it, depends on date. If not, I'll email you to get the money to you. I think I want a shirt with a nice Koa grain look to it, with Abalone border along the sleeves...It was $2.50 right?jk
Good luck in Samoa Paul!

Anonymous said...

The koa shirt is for Tom. Sorry, I forgot to sign the message.