Sunday, July 20, 2008

Weekend progress

It's getting closer!

Here I'm gluing on the top. Most people seem to use a bunch of spool clamps. I don't have any and anytime I use a bunch of clamps then the pieces seem to creep all over. I put the back on my radius dish and applied a bunch of weight in the form of lead!

Here is how I'll attach the neck, a bolt-on into the barrel nut. Drilling the holes was tricky.

My bridge. I was going for a "canoe" shape, also looks like a smile I guess. Still needs to be a bit thinner and sanded to the curve of the top. Also needs holes for the "string-thru top" setup.

To glue on the back I sandwiched things between the 2 radius dishes, this worked really well!

Double checking my routing instructions before trimming off the excess!

After routing the excess. It left a few marks and some extra that needed trimming with a sharp chisel but all-in-all it went very well. At least no chip-out!

Here's the body after a little sanding.

I decided to just sign, date, & number it for now. There is room for a label if I come up with something...

Fitting the neck was a bear... I need jigs!!! Here it's bolted on but I'm just holding the fretboard in place.

Fretboard still just sitting in place...

The neck is removed and the fretboard is being glued under all those clamps somewhere. Still need to sand it even and install frets.

That's enough for now... it might be ready for the Windy City Uke Fest after all!

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Anonymous said...

Looks cool! You are "Giving birth" while I just "adopted"!
Ukester Brown