Tuesday, July 15, 2008

7/14 recap and potential next meeting

We ended up with 6 of us strumming up near the waterfall at Como last night. It was a gorgeous evening weatherwise, perfect for playing outdoors. We had several onlookers stop and comment which is always fun.

Everyone seemed to agree that we need advance notice of music and they agreed to submit links to stuff they're working on... infact, how about just adding your link to music for next time in a comment here. Maybe a week before we meet I can put them all in an email as a reminder.

With the Windy City Uke fest on Aug 1-3 and my work schedule I think I'm going to plan our next meeting for Monday Aug 18th. Comments?


Nathan Melcher said...

I had a great time, Brian, and meeting other players. As for August 18, I'll be driving back that night from Milwaukee and Toronto with my improv festival appearances with "The Uncle Ukulele Show," but if I'm not too tired I'll try to make an appearance.

- Nate

Anonymous said...

Hi all, I had a good time also, always fun to talk to other ukers. I think I should be able to make the Aug meeting. See ya soon.

Anonymous said...

Brian, Maybe we should try to make a song book so that we all can have the same songs to play, at least at first. Make some of them easy songs so beginers won't feel left out. They will also be songs to warm up on, some of us older folks need that. Then we can add as we go. there are alot of sites to get songs. Have people pick the songs they want and let us know. I know that's what you said, but if we had 10 to 20 standard songs that we always have we could have them to practice all the time. I hope I can make the Aug. meeting also.
Gary E