Thursday, September 13, 2007


Howdy folks,
Well maybe it was because of the Vikings opener but the StrumMn kick-off was lightly attended.
That's ok, we got to talk and try out a few "new" ukes. The SilverTone and Howlett (Island Ukulele) both sounded and played great! The Howlett was gorgeous as well. Seems that folks are moving towards sopranos!
No date yet for the next meeting, anyone have a location they can book? If not, then I'll get to it when I can and let you all know when/where we'll meet next.
Hope to see you soon,


Anonymous said...

Hi, I wish I could have been their but we were out of town. My busy season is just about over so hope I will be able to come to the next one. I'll Bring my Tenor so not every one is on the same kind of uke. I also Have it tuned with a low G. Hope to see you sometime in Oct. Gary E.

Jamison said...

Hello, how does someone join this group? I don't see a place to sign up on the front page.

Brian said...

Hi Jamison,
All you need to do is show up when we meet. If you want to be on the email list so you don't miss out then email me at and I'll add you to the list. Hopefully we can meet sometime in the next couple weeks!

brian said...

Hmmm... that may have sounded creepy... hopefully the GROUP can meet in the next couple weeks.
That's better!

jamison said...

Thanks Brian! I'm looking forward to meeting other ukulele players. I just started myself and it's a little frustraiting not knowing anyone else that that shares my newfound interest.