Monday, August 20, 2007

StrumMn September kick-off

I've reserved the Roseville Public Library meeting room on Sunday September 9th from 2pm-5pm for our fall kick-off meeting. The library is at the corner of County Rd B and Hamline Avenue. Let me know if you need directions. It's a big room, come and help fill it!

There is a link on the right to a new flyer if you want to print and post one at a favorite music store or elsewhere.

Pick a song you'd like to try as a group and bring some copies along to share. Even better, get a copy to me that I can post or link to here so others can make their own copy and practice ahead of time.

Bring an extra uke or 2 along to share or to let others try out.

Bring a friend along to share the extra uke!

I'll bring my laptop so we can access songs on the internet or view DVD instructional material.

If you want to lead the group in something particular just let me know. (ie. TPA, Hawaiian, etc)

Let me know if I missed anything here and I'll update as necessary. Feel free to leave comments, I love getting feedback.

I hope to see you in September!
Keep StrumMn!


Anonymous said...

I've been looking forward to finally attending one of these meetings. But this one on 9/9 is on the same day as the Vikings opening game! I'm going to have to do some thinking about what to do on that Sunday afternoon.
Either way, I hope everyone have a great time.

Anonymous said...

Hmmm... I didn't realize that. It's so tough to get the room reserved that I took what I could get. What time does the game start? Maybe I could bring my 10" LCD tv... lets see... laptop, projector, amp, tv, music... I might not have room for ukes! We have another uker who won't show if the Packers are playing so you're not alone.

Anonymous said...

No worries. I just found out there's something on that day that's going to prevent me from both the Vikes game and the StrumMN meet (Grrrr...). I'll just have to try to make it to the next one.

Billy said...

Glad I found this group, I just got my first uke yesterday from and can't wait to start learning. I'd like to join you guys for the kick-off but I'll be out of town. Have you considered putting StrumMN on I think a lot more locals would find out about this group if you guys are listed there. I found this site through Craigslist.