Saturday, April 28, 2007

Well it must be summer...

Only 3 of us on a gorgeous morning, I'm guessing a lot of people were out enjoying the weather. And I don't blame you!

We had fun going through some cowboy songs, some jazz, the TUSC 60's book, Jake's version of Yesterday, and more. I've got a few extra copies of some of the songs that I can hand out next time, first come first served.

Both libraries are booked pretty solid for weekends in May and I've only got 1 weekend where I'm free. I'm ususally free on Wednesday evenings however and was thinking of trying something different.

Would anyone be interested in meeting down at the Como Park Pavilion down by the lake for a couple hours some evening? There is a little food joint down there and paddle boat rental etc and if there isn't an event going on (I'll have to check) then we should be able to sit out of the weather and do some playing. It's a nice public place with restrooms etc. I'm open to other locations if you have ideas.

Any interest in something like this? What time works best?

Keep StrumMn everyone!

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