Sunday, July 18, 2010

Logo for my ukes?

I've been playing with the idea of a logo for my ukes.
Here is a pic of what I came up with.

It a stylized version of my initials. I took the K that I used for my tenor headstock, then I freehand digitally traced the outline of a uke picture for the backwards B. It was then resized/stretched to fit with the K and the soundhole/bridge added for the loops of the B. I added the 4 extended uprights and then cut/paste the peghead right from the old StrumMn logo and tweaked it to match.

It may be similar to other logos out there but nothing is copied from them.

I'm not putting it on the front of my headstocks but it may go on the back of the headstock or inside the uke.

I found a place that will do it as a 2cm x 2cm "branding iron" that clips right onto a Bic lighter so it can be burned in, I like the idea.

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