Sunday, May 30, 2010

Spraying finish

Well I started spraying KTM-9 finish today, finally. I was a little paranoid and was putting it off until I had plenty of time to work through issues without rushing.

The first coat went well, I've got a run on the second that will need sanding. The 1st coat also really raised the grain and left it feeling rough so a little sanding after the 2nd coat dries will help anyway.

I've got pictures but it's tough to see anything, I'll review after I upload to my laptop and post any good ones. It's nice to get started on the finish after so long, I really want this complete early in June so I can have it strung up before the June 27 Lil Rev workshop.

I also shaped my rosewood bridge yesterday! I still need to drill holes (string through style) but it should work great! Pictures to come...


1 comment:

Brian said...

Grrrr... I hate finishing. The first few coats go fine and then it starts going south. No matter home much I clean the airbrush it spits and sputters, then I end up with fisheye, orange peel, runs, and sags.
So I sand back and repeat.
Finally gave up and went and bought brushes, and then I get sags and runs and get to sand back again!
I'll just keep plugging along and hope I don't run out of finish before I'm done.