Monday, December 14, 2009

Next StrumMn meeting

Monday Dec 21st, 7-9pm at Java J's.
Probably heavy on the Xmas music but anything is fair game.
Hope to see you there!
Keep StrumMn!


Anonymous said...

There will be two new people there. A friend of mine wants to come and bring a friend. They both have never played a uke. I talked to my friend tonight and he went out and bought a uke today so he would have one. His friend is waiting for christmas with the hope he will get one.

Gary E.

Anonymous said...


Can anyone join your ukulele group? I am home for the holidays and would love to come by and play with StrumMn. Are new people welcome to stop by?

Sam C.

Brian said...

Yup, feel free to drop by! I'm thinking there may not be too many of us this time but the more the merrier! We don't have any official membership, we just get together to make a little music and help each other learn to play better.