Sunday, January 11, 2009


Great turnout today, best we've had in quite a while. The ukes were so loud we couldn't hear ourselves singing... which might be a good thing... ;-)

A February date will be announced soon, stay tuned.


Anonymous said...

I had a lot of fun. We played a lot of songs and everyone seem to have a good time.

Gary E.

JJ said...

Hi, I'm interested in attending your next meeting as long as I can find a bus that goes there from St. Louis Park. Do you always meet in St. Paul?

I play a tenor uke tuned to E A C# F# and was wondering if I should tune diferently for the meeting.

Brian said...

Hi JJ, hope you can make it.
I've never heard of anyone using that tuning... you'd be on your own for fingering, etc. But if it works for you then go ahead and use it. Most of us use GCEA, a couple use low G setups.
We've met in St Paul for the last year or so; we've also met in public libraries in Roseville and Spring Lake Park. My biggest concern is meeting in a public place where everyone can feel comfortable attending, parking, restrooms, etc.

JJ said...

Do most people use soprano or concert sized ukes at the meetings?

Brian said...

Tenors are not unusual, usually at least one other. Only see a baritone once in a while.