Sunday, December 14, 2008

song choices?

Hi All,

I wanted to comment on song choices.

I threw in the song "Moonlight On The Colorado" for this month and thought some of you might be interested in how I came up with this choice.

I'd never heard of the song before Thanksgiving this year. Sometime during Thanksgiving Day I was sitting with my mom and talking about the old songs we've been playing at our uke meetings.
She started humming and then singing bits of the song "Moonlight" and asking if I remembered years ago when we had a Victrola in the basement and she played this song.

Well, I don't recall ever having a Victrola and she's been forgetting things lately so maybe it was from when SHE was young rather than when I was.

Anyway, she mentioned how she used to love the song. That was enough for me, I wanted to learn the song so I could play it for my mom.

When I got home I started searching. I didn't have too much luck at first, I found a few sound clips, just bits of the song, from websites selling CD's. I checked youtube and found one clip of a young gal singing the song but not a period clip like I was hoping for. Here it is if you want to hear it:

I finally found the sheet music for it at this website: and this is the version I uploaded in the blog link. I think this song would sound really cool on steel guitar... maybe I need a resonator uke to fake it.

Do any of you have stories behind song choices?

Hope to see a few of you next Sunday.


Anonymous said...

Brian, Thats the kind of songs that are fun to play. They have some meaning about them.
I thought we could add some more from the Salem uke site.
Let Me Call You Sweetheart
King of the Road
Ma, He's Making Eyes at Me
See you on Sunday.
Gary E

Anonymous said...

Here's a midi file. It might help.


Anonymous said...

I'm not sure I'll be able to make it - I'll try to make at least part of the meeting, it's been so long!


Anonymous said...

Given the weather - do you still plan to meet this Sunday, Dec. 21st?

Brian said...

Yes, I still plan to be down at Como. Right now the weather is looking pretty good (11am Sunday).

If it's looking bad later then use your own judgement, or we can knock off early, whatever...