Monday, November 24, 2008

Nov 23 recap

Hi all,
We had 8 show up to play yesterday and had a good time. I hope 1st-timers will come back again.
John did a little rework on Shine on Harvest Moon and sent this to me, check it out. (Just hit cancel if it asks for a userid/password.)
If any of you are on FaceBook, I just signed up last Friday and created a "StrumMn ukulele players" page. I'm going to try using it as an addition to the blog here. Check it out and let me know if you think it would work better for sharing information.

Next meeting is Sunday Dec 21st. I know it may not work for everyone but I hope a few off you can come down to Como and play uke. I'll post here and send an email reminder a couple weeks before the 21st.

Until then, keep StrumMn!


Barnaby Jones said...

Will you be still be meeting on Dec 21st?

I'm a ukulele newbie in Rochester.

Brian said...

Yup, we'll be meeting 2-5pm as usual at the Como Park Pavillion.