Sunday, June 01, 2008

Recap 6/1 & Summer ukin'

First off, great turnout on June 1st! Eight of us, 4 returning and 4-1st timers. Tim was a guest from the Berkley Ukulele club, in town for a conference and spent a couple hours with us. Thanks to everyone who made it!

Don brought his first homemade uke, looked and souned great, I can only hope mine turns out as well.

George brought his brand spankin' new William King custom, some of the prettiest koa I've laid eyes on... and the sustain!

David outdid himself with a huge selection of great music for us to play through. Thanks, Dave!

Hope to see Bill, Paul, and Susan back again too!


Now for the rest of the summer. What works for the rest of you? I think we'll stick to evenings, 7-9pm probably. Mondays or Fridays probably work best for me but majority will rule.

What does your schedule look like? What days could/would you show up?

Happy ukin' aand keep StrumMn everyone!


Anonymous said...

I too had a good time. Any night is equally as good for me.--David

Anonymous said...

I had a great time! It was so fun to play with other players. I will for sure come back. As far as a night of the week, I would be able to come more often if it was Monday. Fridays would be difficult.

David -- I am now the proud owner of a flea! This is bad....


PTR23 said...

Thanks for letting me drop in and play. Everybody was very friendly and helpful. I look forward to getting together again. I can make most nights work if I know ahead of time.--Paul