Saturday, March 10, 2007

March and April

Well Gary and I had good time today up at the NorthTown library.

We went through a bunch of Easter/Springtime music like Easter Parade, Peter Cottontail, Take Me Out to the Ballgame, Danny Boy, When Irish Eyes are Smiling, My Wild Irish Rose.

Then we started playing a bunch of miscellaneous stuff and went through the Blues tutorial that Rigk Sauer of Risa Ukulele put together (it's available out on youtube if you want to watch it, or we can view it at a future meeting.)

Speaking of future meetings!

The next meeting is on Sunday April 1st, 2-5pm at the Roseville Library, Hamline & Cty Rd B.
Hopefully we'll see a few more of you since we'll be in the BIG room again.
Any ideas for new music or should we repeat the stuff above?

Unitil the 1st, keep StrumMn,


ukulele-melee said...

David supplied this song, he'll teach it to us on Apr 1st. Print a copy and bring it along if you can.


Anonymous said...

There is also a good vesion of April Showers, in the same key, in the Salem Ukes song archive. There is a midi sound clip too so you can try to get the melody. Look back a couple messages for a link to salem ukes.