Friday, February 16, 2007

No "April Fool's" joke

We had a light turnout in Feb but covered some good material.

In an effort to please as many people as possible I have scheduled the next meeting back at the Roseville library. The bad news is that the soonest I could get us in there is Sunday April 1 from 2-5pm.

If people want to squeeze in another meeting in March I can probably get us into NorthTown again, just let me know what you think.

April 1 is Palm Sunday so maybe we can run through some Easter songs if anyone is interested. I know there are some appropriate songs in the Ukulele Spirit book by Jim Beloff and I've been playing Easter Parade on and off from his Gone Hollywood book.

If you plan to make it and have music you want to cover PLEASE forward it to me if possible and I'll put links to it here so everyone can check it out or print it in advance. Or just bring copies.

In other ukulele news:
I stopped into Guitar Zone yesterday and they had a few of the new Cordoba ukes on display. Very pretty Koa with robe binding in a thinner Santos style body. The reviews of them online have not been spectacular. They seemed a little on the heavy side to me but didn't sound bad. The guy working there started talking about them and saying they were tuned adf#b so I informed him that D tuning is out and C is in these days. He got a funny look on his face and started retuning the one in his hands. They're trying but obviously don't give their employees any up-to-date info on todays uke scene.

Put April 1 on your calendars, let me know if you want another meeting early in March too, and forward any music you want to cover so everyone can get an early look.
Until then just keep StrumMn!

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