Saturday, September 30, 2006


Well folks,
I can't get us back into the library any time soon. The meeting room is pretty much booked solid through the end of November so we need to find an alternate location.

I've been over to, and called, the Fairview Community Center just about 1 mile straight west of the library but the person I need to talk to hasn't been available. I'm hoping to get us a room there but there may be some cost involved. Maybe if I push us as a community ed group then we can get in free since the center is run by the school district.

If anyone knows of another space we can use please let me know. I'd prefer public spaces where newcomers will be comfortable, libraries, community centers, churches, etc.

In the mean time I've started working through some of the Christmas songs. If any of you have any questions on these or others songs, need help figuring something out, etc, just leave a comment and we'll try to help you out.

Keep StrumMn!

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DavidR said...

I will check with Dakota County Library in Apple Valley this week. If I can get us into a meeting room on a Saturday morning or Sunday Afternoon sooner I will book it. Will let you know later as I won't be able to get there until Tuesday night.
Good luck to others looking!