Saturday, August 26, 2006

Check out the new StrumMn flyer!

I've created a flyer for the Fall Kick-off Meeting and put a link to it in pdf form over in the links to the right. Print out and post a copy at your favorite uke hangout or music store if you want and we'll see if we get more people involved. Dave said he had a couple items for a door prize give-away and hopefully we can come up with some refreshments.
Keep StrumMn!


DavidR said...

I put a flyer up in the entry of Groth Music in Richfield on Nicollet Ave. Music go Round in Burnsville took one for reference in case a Uker comes in.

DavidR said...

Foxtone Music on 2nd street in Hudson, WI., now has a flyer hanging in it. The owner was excited to put it up for us. He also asked my advice of what might be some good quality ukes to carry in his store might be.
He currently has 2 of the $25 Mahalo soprano (red and green), the Mahalo "flying V" white with matching case, a Mahalo baritone and I think a Taylor soprano and Baritone.

Brian said...

Good work David! Keep spreading the word!